VSP, DoCo – Gilbert

Business Unit:

Project Type:


Services Provided:
  • Traffic Flow Analysis

  • Bubble Plans

  • Brand Development

  • Interior Design

  • Conceptual Exterior Design

  • VSP, a global leader in eyecare and eyewear, wanted to make their leap into the retail sector with a flagship store in the up-and-coming Downtown Commons in their home city of Sacramento, California. VSP needed to achieve multiple goals in this ambitious project: they wanted to provide a destination for both locals and tourists that offered both a selection of innovative eyewear products and optometry services while communicating a deep connection to the city. Gilbert took a holistic approach to the design of VSP’s retail space. We conducted in-depth research on the history of

    Sacramento, the people who live and work there, and how VSP and it’s vision play a role in the community. Concepts explored the physical structure of the human eye, which we combined with a traffic flow analysis to create the store layout, and the DoCo community. The final design featured product vignettes based on the distinct functionalities of VSP’s product line, eyecare stations, and a customer service bar in a contemporary, industrial setting to illuminate the future while honoring Sacramento’s history.