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Tanger Outlets Taste & Style Event

Creating a professional culinary environment in only 10 days is not an easy feat, but Tanger trusted us to get the job done right. With no time to spare, we created a custom environment that appreciated both food and style for celebrity chef Curtis Stone, who was on tour. The plan was for Chef Stone to hold an interactive cooking demonstration, so we created a kitchen stage that could accommodate a live cooking show. The idea was to make guests feel as though they were getting a private cooking lesson, so we created an aesthetic that made the chef pop and brought attention to the cuisine. The morning of the event, we collaborated with Chef Stone’s assistant to make sure all food prep and event needs were taken care of. Despite time constraints, we sought the talents of a local executive chef,

who helped backstage to prepare the ingredients so that Chef Stone’s presentation could go off without a hitch. Even with such a short timeline, our team fine-tuned A/V and lighting so that the appetizing experience was truly immersive. We provided electrical equipment such as overhead cameras and television screens, and even booked event host MC ECHO, NYC’s DJ Gio, and both a professional photographer and videographer to capture the flavorful event. Our event production efforts led to a truly rewarding experience, which gathered hundreds of guests and generated rave reviews for Tanger. We received accolades for a job well done and even Chef Stone called it a “perfect execution.” Quite a compliment from someone with such discerning tastes!


When we were tasked with creating a brand new booth for Marchon to debut at Vision Expo East, we did not take the challenge lightly. The goal was to design Marchon’s first new custom exhibit in over a decade around airy, easily interchangeable elements. The impressive structure was polished with aerial drapery made of sheer fabric, backing oversized dimensional branding which gave visitors an ethereal atmosphere in which to peruse Marcon’s appealing labels. A key objective was to improve the exhibit’s sales function, so we suggested creating columns along the perimeter that held monitors and displays showcasing multiple brands. We integrated RFID technology into both the display columns and the product, so that visitors could pick up a pair of frames and an interactive

product-specific page would automatically appear, making the trade show booth a unique and memorable experience. This new booth came complete with a contemporary lounge in front, fully equipped with a reception station that was also an elevated DJ booth, two charging stations, and intimate seating where guests could relax and enjoy the trendy atmosphere around them. In the back, we tucked away an expansive and luxurious selling space, which was a major upgrade for Marchon. This custom exhibit was the result of a close collaboration between the Marchon and Gilbert teams, and is just the latest example of the incredible work we are able to do together.

Romance & Style Event

When we were given the task to create a custom environment that embodied love and marriage for Tanger Outlets’ Romance & Style event, we developed a space that channeled the look and feel of timeless romance. In an area draped in white fabric, we strategically directed atmospheric lighting that created a romantic and elegant ambience. Flower sculptures were modeled after bridal bouquets and live grass accents surrounded the experiential environment to represent marriage, growth, and harmony.

The look and feel of the space portrayed the idea of love and marriage and also helped promote celebrity wedding planner and event host David Tutera’s book, “My Fair Wedding.” The Romance & Style event drew an impressively large audience and Tanger was extremely pleased. Not only were they happy with the environmental design and fabrication, they also gave the Gilbert team accolades for their expert event coordination and management.

Tiny Jewel Box

For a look that was elegant yet contemporary, Tiny Jewel Box turned to Gilbert for a collaboration on their new flagship store in D.C. Over a six-month period, we worked closely with Tiny Jewel Box and their general contractor to fine-tune every detail and specification, including the engineering required to shape precision-cut glass to fit their curved

showcases. It was also crucial that we ran precise electrical wiring that fit their thin-legged displays, so light would radiate onto the pieces they held. Thanks to our open and consistent communication, the project ran smoothly and the store opened on schedule, just in time for shoppers to be drawn into a gorgeous new Tiny Jewel Box during the holiday season.

Roberto Coin

For its ninth U.S. boutique, Roberto Coin chose to build in Miami’s Design District. Gilbert was tasked with creating a way to grasp the Roberto Coin aesthetic and incorporate it into the bright, buzzing streets of Miami. We converted Roberto Coin’s two-story building into a single-floor custom retail environment, creating luxurious high-ceilings, and imparting the store with a light, airy atmosphere. Walking into the storefront, visitors pass a space that mirrors Roberto Coin’s trademark Pois Mois’ iconic pieces.

Whilst standing beneath a striking chandelier that looks as if gold flakes are falling from the champagne-colored archway, visitors can see straight through to the branded back wall, inspired by Roberto Coin’s signature dark brown style. Overall, the collaborative project between Roberto Coin and Gilbert was a success, attracting shoppers that enjoy luxury and fine jewelry, and giving Roberto Coin a trendy refresh inside one of the Miami’s hottest retail destinations.


For a look that was as industrial as the brand itself, Weatherproof came to Gilbert hoping for a unique custom trade show exhibit that matched their image. We realized that the client’s line of brightly-colored clothing would really pop against rustic elements, so we chose to maintain that contrasting aesthetic throughout the space. To achieve this, we incorporated different industrial materials that had a post-modern feel to them, including bold, memorable graphics. We also collaborated with a metal sculptor to create

an expanded, organic metal structure using discarded objects such as old tires and oil canisters. We felt that maintaining a true industrial look was crucial, which is why we brought in a scenic painter to create faux concrete throughout the entire exhibit. Feelings of the industrialized outdoors filled the space, creating a unique and authentic branding experience that allows Weatherproof to radiate out onto the show floor.