AJ Madison – Gilbert
AJ Madison

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  • Design

  • Fabrication

  • Logistics

  • White Glove Installation

  • Wanting to create a cohesive space for its appliance store in Brooklyn, AJ Madison decided to partner up with the Gilbert team. Given the task of creating a two-floor concept for the store, Gilbert Architectural quickly got to work designing millwork to fit around their wide range of products in an individual yet cohesive way. One of AJ Madison’s main goals was to showcase their products in a simple but beautiful layout. With our expertise in customer traffic flow, we designed a space that led AJ Madison’s customers on a journey throughout the store. Each product was displayed tastefully for customers to peruse and interact with while they made their way from the entrance to the register. Creating environments for all of

    AJ Madison’s product brands was no easy task. We needed to figure out a way to give the store a cohesive look while complying with a plethora of branding guidelines from each label. After careful and thoughtful design, we succeeded in obtaining branding approvals from each different brand, and were able to give the appliances a beautiful home that was unique to them, but told one story of the entire space. Its unique location in a residential area made for an easier than usual install for Gilbert as we didn’t have to face the hustle and bustle of city traffic. With Gilbert’s dedication and teamwork, AJ Madison was able to reach their goals and we had the opportunity to create a diverse and fun-looking store.