Canon Balloon Fiesta – Gilbert
Canon Balloon Fiesta

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Services Provided:
  • Environmental Design

  • Fabrication

  • Graphics

  • Services Procurement & Coordination

  • Electrical

  • Installation & Dismantle

  • Delivery & Pickup

  • When sponsoring the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Canon wanted to create an environment that not only showcased their brand and range of products, but also tied in to the actual event. Gilbert was more than thrilled to take on the challenge. The fiesta was the perfect subject matter for an audience of amateur photographers to shoot, so we wanted to create a space where they could become familiarized with Canon products. With sponsorship and exposure being the main focus, we designed a tent that housed a retail center. Here, attendees could borrow and use Canon products. This gave people the opportunity to view the balloon fiesta going from behind the

    lens, while also getting intimately acquainted with Canon’s line of products. There were also other photo opportunities, such as a photo booth so visitors could take memories of the event home with them. In addition, we created a custom charging station where visitors could charge their devices while they played and shopped. Accompanied with stunning graphics and beautiful visuals, the tent was an embodiment of the Canon universe. Overall, the event was a success and allowed Canon to show off their products in a fun, interactive environment which created memorable experiences for customers and teammates alike.