Hot Pickle Custom Pop-Up Environment | Gilbert
Hot Pickle

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  • Fabrication

  • Graphics

  • A/V

  • Logistics

  • White Glove Installation

  • Gilbert partnered up with experiential agency Hot Pickle and created an inviting, interactive pop-up shop for LEO Pharma, producer of personal care products. Branded as NY:SKIN, the Downtown New York event’s guests were encouraged to try different skincare products based on their skin type. Dark, light, blemished, freckled – all types of skin were embraced in their own imperfectly perfect way. The event featured photographer Rankin, who is (appropriately) best known for taking breathtakingly beautiful photos of skin. The venue gave us the opportunity to show off Rankin’s work, and we needed to make sure our pristine custom graphics did his art justice.

    On the street outside the store, Rankin took portraits of passersby, enticing them to come inside. With diverse skin type being the focus of the event, Gilbert installed huge monitors so that visitors could be immersed in Rankin’s work and even given the chance to be part of his collection with their own photo. The stunning collage displayed on various large-format print and televisions, filling the space with crisp and flawless photographs in an homage to diversity in skin. Overall, the custom pop-up environment was a success and brought in attendees who were in awe of the LEO Pharma product and the unblemished work of Rankin that surrounded them.