Luxottica – Gilbert

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Services Provided
  • Exhibit Design

  • Exhibit Construction

  • Showsite Supervision

  • Event Services

  • Install & Dismantle

  • Storage

  • Luxottica, the market leader in fashion, luxury, sports, and performance eyewear, needed an exhibit that emphasized the individuality of its brands while creating a cohesive environment under the Luxottica brand umbrella. The core challenges: designing and constructing the exhibit in approximately 2 months, a fraction of the standard time typically provided, and achieving the resourcefulness and ingenuity needed for last minute showsite requests. Gilbert’s “customer first” approach guided us while confronting the task of what was originally deemed impossible. The design process underwent multiple revisions and brainstorm sessions with the Luxottica team to understand what their mission and goals were to ensure

    that the concept aligned with Luxottica’s values. We introduced interactive experiential stations, such as an eyewear manufacture station, where attendees could watch craftsmen build eyepieces in real time. Luxottica’s trade show activations have been a hit and are widely talked about at both Vision Expo East and West. Multiple branded sections and experiences all coexist underneath a united environment that is unmistakably Luxottica.  Since the initial exhibit design in 2014, close collaboration, resourcefulness, and partnership have driven this client’s trade show success.