How to Pick the Perfect Theme for Your Custom Exhibit
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Having a great theme for your custom exhibit is important. A theme adds value to the visitor experience and makes your company more memorable. Ideally, your theme stays on the minds of attendees long after the event ends. Approximately 71% of event planners choose to incorporate a theme into their events and a significant portion of those planners believe a theme contributes to a visitor’s positive event experience. Essentially, a theme is an important element to possess at any event exhibit.

Custom trade show booth

State Optical Co. at Vision Expo East

But selecting a theme for your custom exhibit display involves thought, analysis, and creativity. Here are a few tips to selecting the perfect theme for you:

Analyze the event space.
Any theme applied to a custom exhibit display must be clearly visible. Determine how traffic will flow at the event and measure the size of the space available to create an exhibit that clearly displays your theme from the aisle. This is the space where event attendees will pass and glimpse their first views of your exhibit and allows your design team to create ways to make your exhibit stand out more. For example, a tall exhibit can show off your brand from a distance and attract those from across the show floor.

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Design the exhibit theme with your branding in mind.
While the custom exhibit design team create a theme and designs a space, the graphic design team creates graphics and bold text that will feature in the space. Work with the exhibit design team to ensure your branding information is part of your exhibit theme in a natural way.

Your theme and your brand to blend together to create a cohesive story that immerses visitors in who you are and what you do.

Custom trade show booth

Hain Celestial at NPEW

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