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How can you tell if you’ve had a successful event? The most straightforward answer is to ask yourself if you met your goals. If you did, success! However, there are a few additional ways to measure success of your live event.

The number of event check-ins.
How many people registered for the event and how many actually attended? It would be a dream to see 100% of registrants attend, but remember that 70% or higher is still a solid number. You could also compare the number of attendees this year to the amount that showed up the year before. Barring abnormal circumstances, such as a severe snowstorm, you want to see the numbers growing each year.

Successful event

Canon Balloon Fiesta

Attendee satisfaction.
How happy were attendees at your event? A quick survey will tell you how they really feel. If most are happy, you did something right. However, if you want to accumulate detailed information that can help you at next year’s event, ask specific questions. The more you know about each facet of your event, the easier it will be to improve.

Social media mentions.
The number of comments, likes, and shares your event receives can tell you a lot about how successful it was. If your event was on social media newsfeeds for a day or two, you were a success.

Successful event

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How much money did you make at the event? While this number is essential, interpret it carefully. You may have experienced record numbers this year, but if attendees weren’t satisfied with your event, attendance could drop next year, affecting your profit and wasting your money. You also want to compare your profits to your expenditures. Ultimately, you want to see a healthy, net profit and a multitude of happy attendees.

A successful event can really help market your brand and message in a strong and fun way, keeping you on the minds of attendees.

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