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  • Design

  • Fabrication

  • Graphics

  • Electrical

  • Installation & Dismantle

  • Logistics

  • Showsite Supervision

  • In 2012, CBS came to Gilbert with the idea of creating a brand new custom exhibit booth inspired by the 2013 reboot, Star Trek Into Darkness, Their goal was to boldy go where no exhibitor has gone before. CBS wanted a versatile booth that could be updated every year to incorporate new aspects from the Star Trek universe. Knowing this, the Gilbert design team created an adaptable environment using fabric and graphic elements. This allowed the booth to be both lightweight and easily interchangeable. Over the years, CBS and Gilbert have taken advantage of this setup, creating a fresh environment each show  – from a large scale hanging model of the Starship Enterprise to a focus on our favorite heroes. In 2017, Gilbert payed

    homage to television show Star Trek Discovery by using a large fabric wall that allowed visitors to literally get a glimpse into the Star Trek universe. Acrylic characters of the show were illuminated from the top of the booth, with designs resembling an intergalactic material. This allowed the Star Trek heroes to appear as if they were floating across the momentous exhibit. Through the use of fabric, lighting, and graphics, we are able to transform the CBS booth into an entirely new environment seamlessly, and we can’t wait to see what intergalactic changes they have in mind for years to come.

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