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Planning for a trade show requires foresight, organization, and knowledge. We know this can be stressful, so we created an exhibit marketing checklist to assist you:

Start planning for the trade show at least 6 months ahead of time. During the first three months of planning, take care of these essentials:

  1. Establish the one to three goals you’ll meet by attending the trade show
  2. Connect with a custom display company to discuss a booth
  3. Have your custom display company select a theme for your booth
  4. Begin the process of creating your booth with your exhibit design company
custom trade show exhibit

Rendering for Sony Music booth

Over the next few months, execute these tasks:

  1. Arrange an exhibition booth supervisor through your custom display company to help installation and dismantle
  2. Confirm shipping arrangements with your display company
  3. Finalize and buy promotional giveaways
  4. Settle all bills

With one month to go, you’ll want to:

  1. Ask the event organizer for a list of attendees
  2. Email attendees you want to meet at the event and schedule a time to connect
  3. Promote your appearance at the show with email marketing
  4. Select and train booth staffers

trade show checklist

With a week leading up to the show, be sure to:

  1. Have a meeting with all booth staff to go over details and answer questions
  2. Confirm your space for the event and get answers to any last-minute questions
  3. Confirm travel arrangements for staff
  4. Pack business cards and other materials you’ll bring yourself
  5. Check your email and confirm scheduled appointments with attendees
  6. Connect with your custom booth design company to confirm and coordinate event details

On the day of the trade show, arrive early and:

  1. Be available before the show to address last minute changes
  2. Check-in with booth staff and motivate them
  3. Monitor your booth throughout the day to ensure success
  4. Keep track of leads so that you can follow up after the show

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