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Here at Gilbert, we are strong advocates for the betterment of our planet, and take our role in this cause very seriously. Whether it is our sustainable resources, our environmentally friendly technology, or the education we provide for our team members, we are proud to say that Gilbert continues to GO GREEN!

The RRR policy, or reduce, reuse and recycle, is at the very core of what helps us in becoming a more sustainable company. By recycling our materials like metal scraps, plexi glass, and cardboard packaging, we have eliminated approximately 85% of our manufacturing waste! This is extremely important as this lowers our need for landfills, reducing harmful gases in the air. In addition to reducing our waste, we also make it a priority to use ecofriendly materials in our manufacturing. For example, all of our Formica laminate comes from contractors who fulfill all of the FSC regulations. We are also committed to using formaldehyde free wood and adhesives that give off less VOC emissions, or toxic gases! In addition, we are big enthusiasts and users of Light Emitting Diode, or L.E.D., illumination. With its crisp effects and small physical footprint, it leads against its competitors with its energy efficiency.

We’ve taken action to made our building itself greener. To heat our facilities, which total 200,000 sq. ft., we use natural gas, as opposed to oil – natural gas gives off about 30% less carbon dioxide, 64% fewer nitrogen oxides, and no sulfur dioxide or mercury. We also reuse our ink and toner cartridges, recycle our electronic devices, and always purchase partially reused printer and copier paper. In addition, we have implemented a policy that our office will be cleaned solely with all natural, chemical free, and sustainably made and packaged products that smell great!

We’re not only committing ourselves to green action, we are dedicated to green education as well. We support team members to become well-versed in the LEED and USGBC construction standards. In turn, those individuals inform the rest of the staff in the hopes of reducing the impact of our work on the environment. Keep calm and green on!

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