Gilbert Family On Display: Meredith Posner – Gilbert
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Meredith Posner has been with the Gilbert Family for the past two and a half years as a Junior Designer. It was a big adjustment coming from her previous job as a visual merchandising coordinator for Tiffany and Co. Rather than focusing on execution and production, her job here at Gilbert allows her to be more behind the scenes.

As a designer, Meredith controls the first step in a project’s process. Her position mainly involves conceptualization. Her designs go back and forth between her and the client a few times until the client feels that the design is right for them. She will then draw up an estimate package that our Estimators will use to come up with the projected cost of fabrication. Finally, her renderings go to the Detailers and Project Managers who prepare the project for fabrication! When talking about her process she shared, “It is an incredible resource to be able to just walk right into the shop and see how they are implementing the designs we create.”

 When asked about what inspires her, Meredith spoke of installation art and its similarity to what she likes about exhibit design. To her, an exhibit involves storytelling and creating an experience. Similar to most stories, there’s an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

“The way you design your booth kind of tells that story. What kind of story are you going to tell?

Meredith also mentioned how intriguing she finds the nature of certain marketing environments. There is a space that feels so solid and permanent, yet after a certain amount of time, it is taken down, never to be experienced again. Giving people that type of exclusive “experience” is what keeps her motivated and inspired. She enjoys working with her teammates and bouncing ideas off of one another, and the excitement of seeing their creativity unfold and occur. Meredith then shared, “It’s a unique thing to be in an environment where you can feel comfortable to throw out ideas without being judged.” She truly appreciates the fact that everyone’s ideas are taken into account. Even if the contribution is a small piece of a puzzle, it’s rewarding to be included in the projects.

In the two and a half years Meredith has been here, she has made a great impact and we look forward to what she will bring to Gilbert in the future. When asked what she would like our clients to know, as Gilbert celebrates its 30th birthday, she responded, “We have high standards here. We build things the right way, and we demonstrate efficiency. We don’t push anything out that we don’t see as being high quality – we always put the best of the best out the door.”

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