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How to Measure Your Return on Investment

When you track leads that are generated from a trade show or live event, you can easily measure your return on investment. The easiest way to do so is to use a CRM and create separate entries for leads that come from the trade show or live event. Enter email addresses and contact information under […]

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Display Space

Amplify trade shows by utilizing your custom exhibit space in a way that helps boost results for your brand. Here are some creative solutions for having the biggest impact at a trade show: Make sure graphics capture the attention of attendees. Most booths use graphics, but not all are created equally. The type, quality, and […]

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What Influences Our Experiential Design

Being an experiential marketing agency, we’re always inspired by the passion our clients’ have for their brands, which we use to create one-of-a-kind experiential displays and events. A big part of Gilbert’s creativity is fueled by the strong, long-lasting, and positive relationships we’ve developed with our clients. Our team shares some additional creative influences: Finding […]

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What Qualifies as a Successful Event

How can you tell if you’ve had a successful event? The most straightforward answer is to ask yourself if you met your goals. If you did, success! However, there are a few additional ways to measure success of your live event. The number of event check-ins. How many people registered for the event and how […]

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Custom Display Design: Commonly Asked Questions

Trade shows are essential marketing events and it’s important to make use of them effectively. After being in the trade show booth design industry for over 30 years, Gilbert knows what businesses need to explore the world of custom display design. Here are the most commonly asked questioned, answered: What kind of exhibit display is […]

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How to Increase Your Return on Investment at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are essential for a business’ marketing strategy, so it’s important to make the most out of these events. Here are four tips on how to increase your return on investment: Engage with attendees. Making sure you staff engages with trade show attendees is essential. All staff members should be actively monitoring the floors […]

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