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Why You Should Hire an Exhibit Producing Company to Build Your Displays

Working with an experienced custom exhibit design company to create your next exhibit is a necessity if you want to make a splash at your next trade show. Here’s why this type of collaboration is a smart idea: Peace of mind. Taking your brand to the next level at a trade show doesn’t just happen […]

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5 Questions to Ask Your Custom Display Company

Trade show events are an excellent way to engage potential customers and generate leads. Creating a custom exhibit that draws attendees to your space is a necessity, but how can you be sure your trade show booth will do just that? When selecting a custom exhibit company to design and build your trade show booth, […]

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Tips on How to Prepare for a Trade Show

Preparing for a trade show requires a number of details. You must stay organized, start planning early, and team up with an experienced trade show booth designer for help with everything from custom exhibit design to install and dismantle. Here are our four tips to help your company have a great trade show experience: Know […]

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Trade Show Exhibits that Reflect Your Company Image

Being successful at a trade show takes hard work, planning, expertise, and an exceptional custom exhibit. With over 30 years of experience in the trade show industry, Gilbert has perfected the art and science of elevating your brand. Our experts and innovators ensure your custom trade show display makes a statement. Here, we’ll share our […]

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What You Need to Know About Successful Display Creation

Custom trade show displays give you the opportunity to stand out on the show floor. If your booth is fit to your brand, it’s unique in its own unparalleled way. Maximize the benefits of your custom exhibit by following these tips: Select a design wisely. The earlier, the better. To get the most of out […]

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How to Pick the Perfect Theme for Your Custom Exhibit

Having a great theme for your custom exhibit is important. A theme adds value to the visitor experience and makes your company more memorable. Ideally, your theme stays on the minds of attendees long after the event ends. Approximately 71% of event planners choose to incorporate a theme into their events and a significant portion […]

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