De Rigo REM Wins "Most Creative Booth Design" at Vision Expo East – Gilbert
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This year’s Vision Expo East was another success for Gilbert. With numerous clients attending the show, our team worked around the clock to make sure everything was perfect come opening day. With all of the success, there was one major highlight – we’re proud to announce that the De Rigo REM booth won: Most Creative Booth Design!

Let’s take a look back at the journey that led us here:

In 2016, De Rigo REM wanted to introduce their company’s merger with a brand new custom exhibit booth to debut at the Vision Expos. This booth was meant to provoke curiosity from passersby through its unique and out-of-the-box design.

De Rigo REM’s objective was to create a booth with the flexibility to be transformed every show, thus making it appear like a different exhibit each time it was installed. Knowing this, Gilbert worked closely with De Rigo REM to create a base design that was easily transformable, to maximize the change and minimize the effort. The ultimate goal was to create a buzz and promote exposure on social media by creating “Instagramable” spaces.

2017 Vision Expo East
At 2017’s Vision Expo East, De Rigo REM debuted the new booth by Gilbert that paid homage to their blue logo. We created a deep blue box made out of welding vinyl. An unusual choice of material, the transparent “blue box” certainly didn’t look like anything else on the show floor.

2017’s Vision Expo West
We switched out the vinyl for mylar, giving the booth a shiny, airy, and open feel from the inside out. It’s this type of change that allowed us to create a completely different-looking booth without compromising De Rigo REM’s budget or goals.

2018 Vision Expo East
Through the use of flame-retardant white plastic camo fabric, we created a light, aerial space that mirrored the illusion of snow flowing down the sides of the booth. We also created a stark-red tunnel into the booth highlighting the Converse brand. In addition, the Chopard brand was highlighted through a custom-built mirror room which allowed visitors to walk into an artistic experience filled with lights and mirrors that traced the walls, giving De Rigo REM the opportunity to hit their “Instagramable” goals and generate show floor buzz. All of the hard work paid off; the DeRigo REM exhibit won Most Creative Booth design!

This campaign partnership between De Rigo REM and Gilbert is a testament to how a simple change of material can have a huge impact on the overall look of a custom trade show booth. The wheels in our minds are already turning in anticipation to what’s next!

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