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Chris Silverman is our Creative Director and has been with us for the past 14 years. He is a SUNY Fredonia alumnus, with his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Scenic Design for Theatrical Production. Because of this, his approach to our projects is quite unique. Chris likes to imagine an environment has a storyline within itself. In this modern world, he believes an environment is more effective when it is attached to an experience.

Chris shared how, at Gilbert, he has been allowed to be the Creative Director he always envisioned himself being. Over the years, he’s helped turn the Design department into an exciting and enjoyable place to be. Chris’ philosophy is work hard, play hard!

“You spend more of your life in your workplace than you do at home. It should be an awesome place to be! It’s within our power and grasp to make it as such.”

Chris then reminisced about the times that he, Marshal (Director of Architectural Interiors), Lauren (Senior Designer), and a couple of other designers would be at the office very late working on a major project. “One time we worked 36 hours straight-through. It was hard work, but we laughed through it all. I enjoyed the 3am runs to 7/11 to get Doritos and soda. We got the job done!”

When it comes to running his department, Chris doesn’t like to think of anyone as his “employee.” He enjoys working with the other designers and watching them grow along the way. Gilbert is a collaborative environment, and he truly values his colleagues’ ideas and opinions, as they differ from his own.

“If you don’t have a strong opinion, then you’re useless as a designer. You need to be able to state it with conviction. If you don’t believe it, why should anyone else?”

Communication is key, and it is a skill that is necessary in becoming a successful designer. Learning new information and making beautiful things is what motivates and inspires Chris. He says that what you need to know is how to find out what you need to know.

Chris has been an asset to the Gilbert family and continues to serve as an inspiration to all. When asked what he would like our clients to know, as Gilbert celebrates its 30th birthday, he responded, “We’re just an approachable company! We’re a company that’s big enough to get it all done in the most awesome way possible. We’re a company that’s relatable, personable, and down-to-Earth. None of us are ‘too important,’ and we are all here to do something remarkable!”

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