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Being successful at a trade show takes hard work, planning, expertise, and an exceptional custom exhibit. With over 30 years of experience in the trade show industry, Gilbert has perfected the art and science of elevating your brand. Our experts and innovators ensure your custom trade show display makes a statement. Here, we’ll share our process – from approach to design, our strategic use of graphics, and our addition of color – to help brands project their company image and brand.

Custom trade show booth

CBS booth at Licensing Expo

A successful trade show exhibit depends on quality and expert-level planning. With decades of experience, Gilbert uses what we’ve learned and the expertise we’ve developed along the way, to execute a plan for your booth across every element of the process. From the moment we work on your custom exhibit, we visualize the entire space, tone, look, and feel of your booth.

Focus on every detail.
A phenomenally finished exhibit is only as good as its individual components. We pay attention to every detail in your custom display, right down to each nook and cranny. Paying close attention to the details ensure that every aspect of your display accomplishes its purpose.

Selection of a central thread.
This is what helps tell your story. Successfully projecting your company image is done through a cohesive presentation. Your entire custom exhibit should reflect your company’s voice, values, and focus. Gilbert uses a central thread, or theme, to interlace every piece of your exhibit in a compelling and unified manner. This thread will be visible in every part of your exhibit design, from its structure, size, design, and graphics to the vibe of the booth.

Custom trade show booth

Babyganics booth at Natural Products Expo West

Working from an audience member’s point of view.
If your audience engagement reflects the image you intended to project, you’ve successfully accomplished your goal. One of the keys to this is by viewing your custom exhibit through the eyes of your audience. Our team constantly considers how your audience will perceive your exhibit to ensure their perceptions match your intended image.

Designing a custom exhibit to fit your needs and reach your goals can be tricky, but with our help, it’s a breeze.

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