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How can you ensure people will come to an event? The key to a successful event is strategic marketing and hands-on coordination. Increase awareness about your next event by following these tips:

Advertise the event in the right publications.
It’s all about strategy. When it comes to spreading the word about an event, be sure to publish information in magazines and other media outlets that reach your target audience. A well-rounded marketing campaign includes the use of social media, paid search advertising, and sending out press releases. If you’re an event host, you want to target your marketing efforts towards audiences that will attend. These are the people that have an interest in companies, products, and presenters participating in your event.

Host the event at a popular destination.
Hosting the event in an enticing location can attract potential attendees. Visitors are more likely to attend an event if they can turn their travel into a vacation. But make sure that the destination offers the types of activities that the target audience enjoys. Larger cities are ideal because they offer something for everyone and are generally easier to travel to.

Create an informative website for the event.
Every event needs a website. Attendees will visit the site to learn more and plan their stay. A top-notch event website includes all information about location, dates, presenters, products, and companies that will attend. Including an interactive element on the site for potential attendees to interact with event managers, presenters, and companies before the event is an added bonus.

Invite high profile companies and presenters to advertise the event.
Invite high profile companies with products and knowledge that interest your target audience. Communicate with them regularly and encourage them to promote the event to their audiences. If potential attendees feel like they can learn and make a valuable connection, they’re more likely to attend. Even the best marketing efforts won’t sway potential attendees to attend if they have no interest in the presenters or companies who participate in the event. Promote the event through high-impact companies and help reach your target audience.

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