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Louis Maldonado has been with the Gilbert family for the past 12 years, serving as our purchasing manager. Originally he worked in the high-stress hotel industry performing administrative work. When he came to interview with Gilbert, they were impressed by his ability to handle stress and multi-task! They gave him a shot, and for that he is very thankful.

Urgency and efficiency is central to Louis’ daily success.  The first thing he noticed upon working at Gilbert was the fast-paced environment. He mentioned how the calm aesthetic of the building was deceptive. He said, “I saw the madness and wanted it!” Part of his job is completing projects when there is a fast turnaround time as well as finding out how to get materials in as quickly as possible. He enjoys the thrill of the time crunch and can’t sit still for too long without doing anything. Louis remarked,

“There aren’t enough hours in the day. The moment I come in at seven, the clock starts ticking. We never think we are above one another. Whenever in a bind, we help each other out. We are a team!”

When asked about the future of Gilbert, in regards to the new year beginning, he responded, “I see success, improvement, and the company growing into different areas and different fields.” There is one thing, however, that will always remain the same- our values. They include, “Service, passion, always strive for excellence, no excuses and love. That’s very important. You have to love what you do.” Here at Gilbert we surely do!

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